HYM X Beyond 30th Limited Seed turntable and vinyl album

HYM X Beyond 30th Limited Seed turntable and vinyl album

HYM had been partnering with Universal Music since 2017, which released their collaboration set with one vinyl records and Seed turntable Beyond limited edition---“the 30th anniversary of the foundation of Beyond: Best live”---limited edition with numbering all over the world.


Best live is the vinyl album of the 30th anniversary of the foundation of Beyond

It has picked up the soundtrack of Beyond's classic concerts held in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Beijing and other places from 1986 to 1991, as well as 10 classic works from their heyday, and restores and commemorates Beyond's "Best Live" through vinyl records.

Seed turntable Beyond limited edition / the 30th Anniversary the foundation of Beyond /Best Live

Designed with rock classic elements, the black leather printed with a coarse grained sound mesh, and the LOGO of Beyond's classic rock gesture graphics is a must-collect artwork for music fans.

In 2018, HYM cooperated with " Best Wishes---Commemoration of
Wong Ka Kui's 25th Anniversary Concert" and "One Foundation" to auction a co-phonograph, contributing to music education in poor areas of China. The convener of this concert is one of the members of Beyond, the younger brother of Wong Ka Kui, Wong Ka-keung.

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