About HYM

HYM-Original, funded in 2015 in Taipei and focus on ultimate all-in-one turntable solution. Our sound engineers and designers combine technical knowledge with creativity and an excellent ear to produce high quality and gorgeous turntable system.

HYM Award

2017 International Design Excellence Awards finalist
2017 A’Design Award (Bronze Award)
2018 DFA Design for Asia Awards (Silver Award)
2019 DFA Design for Asia Awards (Silver Award)
2018 Golden Pin Award
2020 Golden Pin Award (Gold Award)
2020 iF Design Award

HYM Publication

HYM is not only a turntable brand, but also the largest vinyl record company in China, provides vinyl record manufacture, licensing, distribution and marketing service. HYM’s partners including Universal Music, Sony Music, etc.

HYM Super Factory (Flagship Store)

HYM Super Factory is the largest vinyl record store in Shenzhen, The record which published by HYM would launched music exhibition, event, sign sale here, and it stock every kind of music, from the top 40 to the best in underground rock and hip-hop, soul, electronica, new and classic jazz, world music, roots music and experimental music.