HYM Root turntable | Black Walnut

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Root intergrades decor furniture, turntable and Bluetooth speaker,
it combines high volume and sound quality, with max power handling 100w.
huge sound level and modern style suit your large space.


Vinyl 33 1/3, 45 rpm

Connect through bluetooth

Three point suspension

100W RMS HI-FI speaker

RCA AUX out connection

Wooden craftmanship

HYM Root turntable

Audible Record Furniture

Beautiful Furniture with built-in turntable speaker

Two-way use and with beautiful wooden handcrafted feature to your living space,

Combination of high volume and sound quality

Root Embedded with built-in amplifier, two 1” tweeter and two 4” woofer drivers, due to fine-tuned giant chamber design, it with max power handling 100w.

Tri-Point Suspension System

Root has designed an exclusive "Tri-Point" suspension system to hold the platter and tonearm steady, and keeps the stylus riding in the grooves to read the music accurately.  

Tonearm Arrangements

Root's tonearm has gone through meticulous calibration of the overhang, spindle to pivot distance, effective tonearm length, inner/outer null points and offset angle, to reach a perfect balance, and achieve mere <= 0.8% peak distortion.

HYM Root turntable



  • Turntable speed  33 1/3rpm, 45rpm
  • Phono Cartridge  Jasmine M1 MM phono cartridge
  • Effective tonearm length 218mm
  • Pivot to spindle distance 200mm
  • Overhang 18mm
  • Offset Angle 24.7°
  • Peak Distortion <= 0.8%

Speaker :

  • Class D amplifier
  • Two 1” tweeter and two 4” woofer drivers
  • SPL  High pitch 88 ±3dB / Low pitch 85 ±3dB
  • Input  Bluetooth / 3.5mm auxiliary stereo cable
  • Output  RCA stereo Line out
HYM Root turntable