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HYM Seed turntable | Oak

HYM Seed turntable | Oak

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  • Vinyl 33 1/3, 45 rpm
  • Connect through bluetooth
  • Three point suspension
  • 80W RMS HI-FI speaker
  • RCA AUX out connection
  • Wooden craftmanship
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HYM Seed turntable | Oak


All-in-one design, Turntable, Speaker, Amplifier Integrated

Seed offers high quality audio, great output, warm analog sound and digital streaming, all in one package, No need to bother with complicated or expensive audio devices. Combining high-end turntable with speakers, Seed is a complete solution to enjoy both great vinyl experience and excellent audio quality all at once.

Three Point Suspension System

To maintain consistent, high quality sound performance while the audio gives high-volume and high-wattage output, Seed has designed an exclusive "Tri-Point" suspension system to hold the platter and tonearm steady, and keeps the stylus riding in the grooves to read the music accurately.

Rumble-Free Smooth Ride for Steady Sound

With intricate tuning, the suspension system supports the tonearm and the platter, balances relative motions and damps shock responses, so it effectively absorbs vibrations and filters out rumbles.

DYNAMIC RANGE+20% High quality audio performance

Embedded with built-in amplifier,two 1” tweeter and two 4” woofer drivers, Seed is able to drive 80W output,and the dynamic range is increased by 20% more than full-range speakers.

Great Fidelity

Careful arrangements of the tonearm and cartridge is vital to produce true-to-original analog sounds. We have gone through meticulous calibration of the overhang, spindle to pivot distance, effective tonearm length, inner/outer null points and offset angle, to reach a perfect balance, and achieve mere <= 0.8% peak distortion.

Bluetooth Connection

Seed supports wireless mode by wifi and Bluetooth play, compatible with mobile phones, tablet PC, Seed not only provides people an intuition to experience the vinyl records, it also a newer way to experience music.

Seed turntable | Walnut.

Wooden Craftsmanship

Seed’s appearance was made by ten layers of veneers, the twisted appearance of Seed is fromed by heat pressing. All of the veneer is in different thickness and species. It combines in horizontal and vertical way to prevent the climate deformation.


Review from the expert

  • “Seed is a wi-fi, Bluetooth turntable with built-in speakers”

  • “I've Never Seen A Speaker Like This...”

  • “ Stylish Contender For Ultimate All-In-One Audio System”

  • “Play your old (or new) LPs with Seed, the 21st-century turntable”

  • “Old and new play nice together in this handy setup”

  • “The 'Seed' Vinyl Turntable Makes Your Music Sound High-Quality”

  • “All-in-one seed turntable pairs vinyl music with wireless streaming”

  • “Seed Turntable Is A Unique All-In-One System”



  • Phono Cartridge  Jasmine M1 MM phono cartridge
  • Effective Tonearm Weight 9g
  • Effective tonearm length 218mm
  • Pivot to spindle distance 200mm
  • Overhang 18mm
  • Offset Angle 24.8°
  • Peak Distortion <= 0.8%

 Speaker :

  • Class D amplifier
  • Amp output 80w
  • Two 1” tweeter and two 4” woofer drivers
  • Channel separation 45W
  • Sample rate/ Bit rate 24bits/44.1Khz
  • Input  Bluetooth / 3.5mm auxiliary stereo cable
  • Output  RCA stereo Line out


HYM Seed turntable | Oak